Mac – Prevent Dropbox & Google Drive from Asking for Administrator Privileges

The first time Dropbox or Google Drive is launched on a Mac it will ask the current user for Administrator privileges so that a helper utility can be installed to modify folder icons, which will be used for all subsequent users. This obviously presents a problem when you deploy these applications through ARD, munki, Casper, or Dell Kase (why!?) as the first user that tries to configure their account will most likely not have Administrator privileges, otherwise they probably would not have needed you to install it.

In order to solve this problem I’ve created two post-install scripts, one for Dropbox and the other for Google Drive, that will place these helper utilities so that a user is never asked for administrative credentials. You use it by either appending it to your install through your software service management tool of choice, or by running it as a script after copying one of the applications to the Applications directory.

You can find the script for Dropbox here, and the one of Google Drive here. These scripts have been tested with Dropbox 2.0+ and Google Drive 1.9+. But of course, I recommend testing them with¬†whatever¬†version you’re using before you deploy en masse.